Just Me

A Place for My Expressions!

Doing a little battle with Cancer ::: this is an outlet, at least I am hoping that it will be!

What I find ::: what I need ::: what I cherish :::

so I’ve chosen to—What is Needed: Give ~

What is Wanted: Find ~What is Cherished: Share ~

Here within I hope to share my poetry writing, my painted art glass, and ‘just a little of this & a little of that’ which comes along that I feel just might be of interest to you or to someone you know.

It is my hope that what you find: you will give: & share with love.

We all receive things that we just don’t want to loose so this is the perfect place that will allow me to hold on to those things.


::: NOW :::

A little more about me.

Born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1952, I have made Jacksonville, Florida my home for the last 45+ years.  * Update * now about 60 *

Now living with Cancer that is in remission. Living each day with gratitude that I’ve seen the sun rise, even if the day is overcast, raining, cold or hot.

Delighted that each new day when we look close enough to see wonders that have been overlooked the day before.

Each day has something that we learn, if we are willing to open up our minds and hearts to accept them.

Within every rainfall, there is a rainbow somewhere. I try and look for those in everything.

I don’t always succeed, but trying is in the days events!

So when I find something that is amusing, informative, just something that I did not know or think about, I love to share.

So this is where this site will come in … sharing life!
Some of my Life!

…suggestions, just let me know!

I’m always open to suggestions and comments.

Deborah Register

2 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Hi Deborah,
    I came across your site while I was looking for Tony Snow’s testimony. Thank you for posting it. I am a survivor of Stage 4 Colon Cancer, so far. I have left my web site which tells a little about my progress as a cancer patient.
    I have enjoyed wandering around on your site. Your glass works are lovely.
    Keep up the positive attitude.
    I’ll be back.
    Praying for you,

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