Zsa Zsa in Coma

Husband: Zsa Zsa Slipped Into a Coma

By Audrey Morrison
Wed, 18 May 2011 19:51:32 GMT

zsa-zsa-big.jpgPrince Frederic von Anhalt told TMZ his ailing wife fell into a coma after being rushed to an L.A. hospital on Tuesday for emergency stomach surgery.

Zsa Zsa’s rep John Blanchette confirmed she was admitted because her feeding tube was causing “bleeding … like a fountain.”

Blanchette added that her husband “was worried and hoped she wasn’t dying in front of his eyes.”

Sadly, von Anhalt confirmed on Wednesday that his 94-year-old wife has been unresponsive since 2am.

This is the latest health setback for Gabor who has undergone hip replacement surgery, a leg amputation and was, most recently, hospitalized for pneumonia on May 5.

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Stay away from my NOSE!

1995-3rd runner-up in Petite Contest
Deborah Register 1995 in Petite Contest

Nose – odd subject – but if you’ve ever had any type of nose surgery you can relate.

This may seem strange – but please just follow me here……

On the 23rd of March I had surgery on the nose – which actually started over a year ago when I had complained to a Doctor at Mayo Clinic about my unusual headaches – he did the usual EEGMRI of my lower back which I also had told this doctor about with my back being ‘out of wack’ and needed checking (mind you he only did and MRI of the very lower back) and when I mentioned that my headaches were NOT migraine (I know what those are) it was not stress related – it was just ‘not’ a headache and that I felt an MRI of my brain )((which I have one Every Year)) and one was over due – HE Told me.. “You don’t need one – but I’ll do one if it will please you and you think you need it.” 

Now forward fast to current – same hospital & Doctors location – was sent by another doctor here in town for 2nd opinion – from which this doctor I was sent to from another doctor in town who listened to me and my problems with not only my pain problems but the problem with understanding my back and my headaches……..THIS doctor is one who listened – sent me for EEG & MRI – (But not only just an MRI of the Back —- but the FULL BACK/SPINE – and included and FULL MRI of the Brain – and X-Ray of the lungs, and when the results came back  – lungs fine….back/spine showed the displacement of my spine all UP & DOWN but also a tear in the lower spine ( the Lumbar / Cervical / Thurastic ) .. and then the MRI results of the BRAIN – – – said problem IN PART might be coming from a sinus infection!! —- so now do you see where this began and where it takes me?

This doctor understood – sent me to the doctor who confirmed – who in turn sent me to another doctor for a second oppinion (at Mayo Clinic) and he is the one who did this surgery!

Deborah Register Day of Nose Surgery 2011 March 23

HE did three surgeries on my nose and while my nose is still not to it’s normal state that Mom & Dad & I remember my ‘small’ nose to be … we had become so use to seeing each other every day that some things you just take for granted – like getting old ‘er’ and thngs change…but Mom & Dad had mentioned about my face to themselves….(come to understand that my face was swollen — the left side was full of infection under the cheek which is in part of the nose) ((and back a few months earlier my ‘new’ eye doctor found that I had eye infection -that is also another story)) — but all things within the face are somehow connected.

While I keep in mind that I am so improving – I must remember that this was originally scheduled for the 6th of April  ( which was the day after Mom’s Birthday ’83’ ) and with the change – ON her birthday we had the Surgery 1st Follow-up .. and good results then we were able to go on to dinner etc and enjoy the afternoon! … MOTHER has been such an angel in all this.  The Nasal Irrigation which started the Saturday after the surgery Mom has done for me … and I’m so thankful & grateful for her being able to help me with this…..this is one part I just do not think that I could have done mysself…..

The surgery (as I mention) was moved up from the April 6th date to March 23 date – so the afternoon before when I had to rush things through and see the doctor he wanted to know if I knew exactly what he was going to do – I said NO – and did not want to know! — as things had been moved up (becuase before I had plently of time to read the info) … I had glanced 0ver the info …. and that was Enough …

So the Surgeries —-

1)  Septoplasty  2)  Turbinate  Hypertrophy and  Rhinitis  3)  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

If you’ve ever had NOSE surgery or know someone who has – Don’t bother their nose!

If you see something out of ‘place’ with the nose – check it!

So there you have it – why I’ve been lack in responding to your posts or posting much of anything!

Getting Better-April 10, 2011
Deborah Register After Nose Surgery

While the picture above was taken yesterday you can certainly see the

improvement from the day of surgery!!! — But can you see some difference

in the face?  It is NOT where I want it yet and the nose is still swollen – but
sooo much better than before  – even the face appears not as swollen as the day before!
Deborah Register-Day before Surgery on Nose 2011

Prayers Needed Please-Thanks!

Good Morning Everyone!
(as it is 8:00am +/- here!)

As the ‘Tropical Storm Fay’ will be approaching – I’ll get this
out before the threat of losing power.

During this storm period …

Tomorrow – Wednesday – August 20th-is when Mom & I will go with Daddy to the hospital for Pre-Op.

We are to be there at 10am and when they called yesterday – Daddy said they told him we would be there for about 2 hours – taking all the necessary test – and would also be showing a video of what will be happening.

Then—on Thursday-August 21st-is when the Open Heart Surgery will take place with our arrival at the hospital to be at 5:30am — with the surgery scheduled for 7:30am.  The brochure stated that the surgery would take 4-6 hours – but I do not know how many procedures that was talking about.  With Daddy having the replacement and three by-passes – I would think that the time would perhaps be longer.  (When the hospital ‘nurse person’ who called about the Pre-Op stuff told Daddy it would be 2-3 hours…I don’t think that nurse knows!) 

While it will be a very long and trying time for us … we are strong and will get through this.  Just please keep us in your prayers — especially Daddy.

We could lose whatever with the storm – but Daddy will be safe in the hospital and that is what is most important.

So get those prayers ready and continue to keep Daddy in your prayers and thoughts.  We always need prayers – sharing love.

I will let you know just as soon as I can.

Love to you all!


Prayers for My Dad – Mom & Me

Daddy had the Cardiologists Doctor appt Wednesday July 23 and of course Mom & I went.
The Dr. is Ben Olliff who has been Mom & Dad’s doc for years.  (was a general doc then cardo). Anyway…GLAD that Mom & I went because Dad I don’t think understood everything he was telling
From everything I heard the blockages are 40 – 70 – 60 & 90 … Now, that may be different
from what he Cath Doc said … but still VERY serious.  Daddy did not understand that they will
need to do a replacement on the MAIN one the Aorta .. and at least two by-passes. But with the
blockages mentioned … there might be more.  It will be a very difficult time for Mother and ME….what will we do?

So Dr Olliff – took us to his scheduling Nurse .. she mae the call to the Surgeons office – a Dr. Wingard )I think that is correct?) and made appt for the 19th of August … Now…just imagine what
my face looked like to Dr Olliff’s Nurse!>? … Like you’ve Got – to – be – kidding?!… then she said that
Dr Wingard nurse said the Doc was On Vacation .. and would be back on Monday (Tomorrow) the 29 of July .. and she would put the information in front of him (because Dr. Olliff’s Nurse faxed the reports over) and would see what Dr Wingard thought thought on Monday!

So tomorrow – Monday – July 28th is the day when Mom & I hope that the Doc will call and get
things rolling.   The sooner the better.  Daddy you know hates to sit and do nothing so just these few
days doing nothing is wearing on him.  Even though he is not talking about it .. you can certainly see
it in is face and eyes.

Daddy is also having a very hard time walking.  His legs especially his right does not want to hold
up at all … and I think that could be a problem.

A Nurse neighbor – asked if they had given him the stress test – I told her no – (that he probably would not make it through that) … and she also wanted to know if he had had a doppler … which he has had about 4 months ago.  (that reminds me … while we were with Dr Olliff’s scheduling nurse on the phone with the surgeons nurse .. THEY wanted to know why this was not done at the time
when he was in the hospital for the cath ???  Mom & I ha no answer … and Daddy none either –
so we don’t know if they even mentioned it to daddy at the time)

I also hear Dr Olliff mention in the exam room when he was telling us all this .. (to daddy he was talking) that he had put it off for 6 months) … Mother did not hear it .. and Dad made no comment – which he probably did not hear!

So with all of this said – I hope you can understand how serious it really is .. I’m so scared…but
cannot let him know because I do not want him getting upset .. that would do him NO good!
So positive thoughts … Lots of prayers …





Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad





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