Sign of Spring?

Just to think of SPRING: About the weather and it is so nice to have a mild weather that we’ve had, but some weather all over the place for what seems to be mild, wet, cold, warm… to take a short walk in the yard and next door (well behind me on the corner) they have a Maple Tree.

To see the signs of spring! But to see what could be a turn for the warmth and embrace all of us.

But this I’m sure is jut a fleeting moment as the cold artic seems to be blanketing the whole United States. Spring officially arrives on March 20, 2021, which is only a bit over a month away. I’m sure that with all the events that have happened over the last year we all would welcome EARLY spring, which we all would be grateful for.

Living in Florida I really don’t have much to complain about when it comes to the weather, except that I do not tolerate the cold! It’s also a different cold from the northern states. How I lived in Virginia/DC area with its cold winters .. and the occasionally snow is now a wonder. The snow as it’s falling and the sparkle it creates at first dawn: is breathtaking.

So with those thoughts I share a bit of hope that this Spring, will bring unity, peace, and new blessings of things yet to come.

Happy Day