Kijivu ~ Cradling a Miracle


Kijivu holds her newborn baby at Prague Zoo, where the staff is celebrating this rare birth of a Western lowland gorilla in captivity. The new arrival comes after one of the most tragic events in the zoo’s history.


Cradling a miracle


Dec. 31, 2012: Kijivu, a female Western lowland gorilla, holds her newborn baby at Prague Zoo on Dec. 27 in Prague, Czech Republic. The baby gorilla was born on Dec. 22, just months after Kijivu’s second child, Tatu, died after accidentally hanging himself with a climbing rope. Zoo director Miroslav Bobek called the death the most tragic event at the zoo since flooding in 2002 killed more than 100 animals. (© Frantisek Vlcek/isifa/MAFRA/Getty Images)


Baby Gorilla

Born in Chicago Zoo

First of its kind to be born there since 2005

Bana, a  female Western Lowland Gorilla,

sits with her newborn baby at the Lincoln Park Zoo

in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 18, 2011.

(Courtesy Todd Rosenberg Photography 2011)

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