No changes with FB just yet … & Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well a friend on FB, Robert, has been trying to figure out what & why, asd did another (Hal), but when you try & ask & help via FB, you must sign in to see the comment(s), questions for FB, Help for FB, etc. and as they FB had blocked/locked me out, there was NO way I could see the comments or questions they had trying to help me – let alone the HELP section that FB has …. no way to contact FB because it is locked – they locked me out…so anyway I did give it a valent try again this morning when Robert had tried with a comment/question to try & figure it out … ! Saw the OLD picture that belongs to my OLD (original) account .. said only one photo in one album.
O K ~~~ I’ll bite. Saw my sign in – gave my password a try & low and behold it let me in and had a message for me :::


Welcome Back to Facebook

Your account has been reactivated, but it may take a few hours for your content to be fully restored.


Can you imagine!  It might be that Suggestion I send them last night after the cell phone verification!  AnyWay … I wrote on Robert’s Wall and maybe he will pass it on .. as I stated to him and to you that want to take no chances.  See I enjoy FB & the friends I’ve met – but somethng has changed with FB and their handling of what is seen.  I’d marked all as ‘Friends‘ because if you did not I would not see anything, even though FB had marked them as ‘friends’ did not mean that they were / yet.  And family – well that is another story.  And if you wanted to see what ANYONE had to share since your last visit – you MUST put them on the FEED.  Otherwise you miss what they share … and if THEY do not have YOU on the FEED list they will never see what YOU (me) Share. Messed Up that is.

So nevertheless, I’ll wait and see, as I’ve not received an e-mail from them .. so pins and needles for now.

Evan Williams and Biz Stone
Evan Williams and Biz Stone (Photo credit: Mathieu Thouvenin)

As for TWITTER, for the time being, I will Tweet & see if they figure out what is going on with my account over there.  There should be no way that MY account should show a ‘REPLY @ / COMMENT @’ with my own name!  All the DM’S I’ve sent shows as
DM’S instead of anyone sending them to me.  Like the Fact that I use TrueTwit to verify … it Tells ME … to verify!  So for now I’ll keep Twitter a ‘few’ more hours or days.

Stay tuned!  In the meantime … or Better YET – keep reading here on my WordPress Blog!

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WordPress logo blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Modern Technology

Modern Technology

I was visiting my son and daughter-in-law last night when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.
“This is the 21st century, old man” he said. “We don’t waste money on newspapers. Here, you can borrow my iPod.”
I can tell you, that fly never knew what hit it…

Verizon and My Mess

Verizon _

I’ve had this Samsung CHARGE phone and replaced it 3x’s and it is still doing some of the same things! It does not sync the contacts w/o a tech in store putting another account on the phone that I do not use ‘daily’ it is used as a backup…NOT loaded with contacts!  The phone …if I want to go to (back) HOME – the TASK Manager will show up. The phone … sometimes will NOT let ne sign-in to twitter or FB … with my passwords and another ‘sales person’ saw that because they let me use their instore computer to show the password that they had entered! The phone …does not always recognize that there is a CARD in the slot.  CARD must be loaded before it can operate! … There is one there! The phone … camera … takes and makes me blue – or even red(the red one I deleted in error) .. but if it were a once in a life time shot — to have it BLUE!!??  AND it takes pictures and turnes them UpSideDown … ^*^ … takes the picture completely NOT the direction in which it was taken. ((latest was yesterday when taking pics of papers for my Mothers Doctors Schecules … and they appeared every which way BUT they way they were taken!)) I’ve messaged (from the phone) the problems to four (4) of the people who I’ve dealth with and only one responded within time….the one who I bought the phone from – took two weeks to respond and still did nothing – and the only reason they responded is because someone else I talked with about the phone-(who thought I was crazy) told them! Enough is Enough…..I’m tired of Verizon ((or anyone representing VERIZON))NOT stepping up to the plate and doing something to keep ME as a customer! As one of the sales people said — the problem was not with Verizon – but Samsung because it is a Samsung phone – HE said that it was not his or Verizons problem – YET Verison and this or any Vereison SalesPerson will sell this phone that which I might POINT OUT in the event you and the others do not know — HAS the Verizon name on ALL the phones …. so YES it IS a Verizon Problem! Getting back to the messaging … I had asked them also to give the the contact names for someone ‘highger’ above their heads….YET to hear any names. Like the Store Manager – District Manager – Regional Manager and my next stop is to the Divional Manager!  If that does not work … I would find a way to get SOMEONE to listen! … jusT because someone else might not be having the same problem with this Samsung … I AM! and for the sales people to tell mne they knew that SamSung (and Verizon knew) had a glitch with their SmartPhones is a problem that all of the peole who are with Verizon should know about…Samsungs ‘regular’ phones are said to be OK … and YES I have a Samsung TV …. but I HATE what this CHARGE is doing for me.  I need this phone, my parents are 86 & 83 – Dad with Cancer & bad heart .. Mom OK .. but I HAVE CANCER — my brothers are dead … an d all of my Mom & Dad’s family are Out of Town ….THAT is why the PHONE and all it can do is so important to me. I wish I had gone to the APPLE store and Bought an iPHONE! AND said to H–# WITH ANY CONTRACT!

Now what can you do? And yes this will be posted!