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Not so fast

Not so fast


Dec. 26, 2012: This blue heron had been looking for food in a quiet marsh when it bit off more than it could chew with a feisty snake. The snake tightly wrapped its body around the heron’s beak before the bird had the chance to bite. After 15 minutes, the heron changed technique & started to bang the snake on the ground. The reptile’s grip began to wane & the heron gulped it down. (© Peter Brannon/Caters)

Mother bear kills cub and then itself

The Chinese media has reported on an extraordinary account of a mother bear saving her cub from a life of torture by strangling it and then killing itself.

The bears were kept in a farm located in a remote area in the North-West of China. The bears on the farm had their gall bladders milked daily for ‘bear bile,’ which is used as a remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It was reported that the bears are kept in tiny cages known as ‘crush cages’, as the bears have no room to manoeuvre and are literally crushed.

The bile is harvested by making a permanent hole or fistula in the bears’ abdomen and gall bladder.

As the hole is never closed, the animals are suspect to various infections and diseases including tumours, cancers and death from peritonitis.

The bears are fitted with an iron vest, as they often try to kill themselves by hitting their stomach as they are unable to bear the pain.

A person who was on the farm in place of a friend witnessed the procedures and told that they were inhumane.

The witness also claimed that a mother bear broke out its cage when it heard its cub howl in fear before a worker punctured its stomach to milk the bile.

The workers ran away in fear when they saw the mother bear rushing to its cub’s side.

Unable to free the cub from its restraints, the mother hugged the cub and eventually strangled it.

It then dropped the cub and ran head-first into a wall, killing itself.

Many TCM practitioners have denounced the use of bear bile in their treatment as there are cheaper herbs and synthetics that can be used in its place.

Bear bile is traditionally used to remove ‘heat’ from the body as well as treat high fever, liver ailments and sore eyes.

MORE on this story & Pictures can be found     HERE

Inner Peace


Inner Peace


If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people

with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food everyday and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to

give you any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without alcohol,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,


…Then You Are Probably………


The Family Dog!


Does anyone want a dog?

My house was broken into last night by two robbers who locked me in the bathroom, and proceeded to steal all they could carry. My watchdog, “Sunshine”, did not alert me, and for this reason I am giving him away. I no longer want a dog – I’m installing an electric fence and detection devices with alarms. They’re cheaper and more reliable. For those interested in adopting the dog please send an e-mail urgently.
A photo of “Sunshine” is attached.

Japanese Red

Photo and caption by Judith Holford


These Japanese Red-crowned Cranes were seen at the Akan International Crane Centre in Hokkaido, Japan. One appeared to be the gatekeeper – pronouncing on whether the other two could pass. It captured a humorous moment with members of this endangered species which has been brought back from the edge of extinction by conservation measures.

Almost 8 years ago

Not a stray anymore


My name is Charlie….

I was a stray – but almost eight years later this is still MY Home!


…Yes he did come as a stray and I love him dearly…

He showed up around the neighborhood after my ‘Sneakers’ died .. and shortly after finding three baby squirrels that had fallen out of their nest – raised them and got them on their merry way…

Charlie finds me … and I found that it was time once again to have a close friend near.  And what better timing as ‘friends’ disappear when you are sick and cannot work – due to among things having cancer….so Charlie is (ONE OF) my saving grace(s).

I’ll tell you more one day when I can find the pictures to fill in all the story.

The Animals in our life can uplift us when we are down.
Thank YOU Charlie.

Newborn Giraffe

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Newborn giraffe

Most babies measuring 5ft would be considered big, but newborn giraffe, Margaret, at Chester Zoo,
UK is seen as unusually small for her species.

She is one of the smallest giraffes ever born at Chester Zoo but pint-sized Margaret will soon be an animal to look
up to. Little Margaret, who is the first female Rothschild giraffe born at
the zoo, is being hand-reared by her dedicated keepers. The first
calf for six-year-old mum Fay, Margaret, who was born two weeks early,
tipped the scales at just 34 kilos and is a mere 5ft tall.

Tim Rowland’s, team leader of the Giraffes section, said: ‘Margaret is potentially one of the smallest
giraffe calves we have ever seen. Fay isn’t the largest of giraffes and Margaret was also early which might go
some way to explaining her size. ‘Margaret was having difficulty suckling
so our keeping team are now hand-rearing her’.

[Valerie Crosby] She is so cute and has such big brown eyes.









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Christian the Lion

a lion at the zoo

Image via Wikipedia

Quick Video!

The Lion – Christian


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