Well, I’m depressed today, but not in the normal… oh my gosh she needs help!

It’s like time moves too fast or stands still when it comes to problems.

Don’t panic. It’s gloomy and has been for a week. And when something goes wrong expect everything else to follow. I cannot get my head wrapped around the art used to create … my bedroom tv is in need of replacement… this computer is giving me fits … and this WordPress sight is giving me problems and I have no idea how to contact anyone … My cell phone is not charging…and like everyone else …we depend on them for appointments, contact information .Everything. That’s it in a nutshell … One thing goes wrong . expect it all to fall. Glad that I’m back on here: at least for now, with the way that Twitter and Facebook are acting I’m happy here… if I could just get this fixed!’

OK . That’s all for now … I’ll try to fix this sight later! HUGS

Thanks Biden

Please take  few minutes of your time to listen and watch her cry .
He sons health is at risk because of prescription pricing.
Insulin.  One box. One month supply.
The difference in Cost from …
Trump vs Biden Question asked Who else?
How many? Will be in this position.

Her title… Thanks Biden! Her name is Frances Simpson

Find her There! Its a powerful Video.


May your weekend have sunshine & joy.

This is Sonny. Who has a mind of his own. His color is apricot. And yes, he can be mischievous!

You’ll just have to ignore my mess you might see!♡