Coming Back

It has been quite a few years really since I’ve had thoughts to write let alone thoughts about posting anything….

So much has happened over these last years but within a short bit I’ll be filling in all the omitted stories. It has been quite a journey.

For the time being: Until I get used to the formats of everything again… possibly change the site title and check all the changes… I’ll leave you with one word.


There is always tomorrow, so never give up on your dreams, your depressions, your what ifs!

***Wrote this by chance a few days back . so I might as well share it with you … my neglected audience!***


We are all created by one God… we all bleed blood color RED …

When we love.
We love.
When we hurt.
We hurt.
When we grieve.
We grieve.
When we have sadness…
When we have anger…
We have our own way…
But we each recognize that the others are compassionate
About others feelings .
And theirs.
Difference. Yes. Individual. Yes.
Alone. If we look & listen correctly to & with others. ..
We’re never alone.
That makes us united.
That’s what is currently lacking in this country.
We must try.
One step at a time.
Just my thoughts.

1 19 2021