White Darkness

White Darkness

Around you, are dark shadows in the night.

You are aware of the stillness in the air, but, not understanding the calming peace coming within you.

But a fright, the darkness of the shadows,

and its hold of:

The unknown…

The unseen.

Relax – as in a white room with no way of escape, but a reason for being; such a calming peace, from the dark shadows; and clothed; as the day of one’s birth.

Darkness around, but yet the feeling of fresh a new reason. To find solitude – not fright – but inner peace of white, the stillness in the air; and the calming peace. Relaxed you feel safe from harm.

It’s Death.

Acceptance of a new beginning,

or perhaps just an end.

Certainly a change – destiny.

No longer to be faced with fright of the dark shadows. But to find final peace within oneself.

As the stillness of the air, the white rooms’ serenity brings a calming welcome end.

An understanding of the darkness, the shadows,

to become white calming hope of life’s final purpose on earth

Death; Life.


Deborah Register

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