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IF ~ you were me or having to do something for me ~

Would you make this site MY Domain?

Would you change the Theme – or layout with what I post? ~ What would it be?

DIY: Lightbulb Vase

Cute – Neat idea.

Ellen Pipal

I am always looking for a way to incorporate flowers into my house, and this is a unique and chic way to do it!


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Evee’s First Video

An AWWWE Moment….


“We take for granted so many things in life; Not truly appreciating what’s in front of our eyes.  But from the moment I saw that jet black hair and that olive skin color, I knew there was no better honor than being your mother.” – Teesha Ross


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Music from the UK/Scotland – Susan Boyle

Love Susan and her stunning voice.

World Music - the Music Journey

Susan Boyle, born in 1961, is a Scottish pop singer with a great voice, who became popular in the age of 48, when she was singing in the TV show Britains Got Talent.

Listen to her singing “Hallelujah”:

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Petra's photographs

© Petra Stridfeldt

Many layers of wallpaper. When I walk into an old house I’m always curious about the people who have lived there, if they were happy and so on.

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