Trouble Bound

Well it appears that TROUBLE is following me this year.

It started in December when I just wanted a break – my Mothers sister was here from NC & we had a great time.

Then they both got sick … she (Aunt) went back to NC (after @ 5 days) & Mother stayed sick. (First part April Mom turned 84)

On the 23rd Dec I found out that my cancer was back after being ‘ok’ for the last five years, so that was another reason. On that same day found out that Daddys cancer was back in a different location. SO I was intent on getting my health in order to help Daddy & if I were to have {if I decided to} I would have a good idea as to what was wrong or not & fix it before treatment.

Can you follow this so far?

Normal start to getting things scheduled…eye, teeth, gyn etc. On January 4th or 5th after the eye exam and eyes totally dialated asked Dad to pick up – easy right – ? We were hit on the drivers side by someone who ran the STOP sign on a side street!

On January 11th Daddys sister died. His last sibling. Daddy is left (end April he turned 87).

February 4th – in the afternoon – I had picked up the glasses I had ordered & was making sure they were right (they had been re-made before) then I added the coating… so dropped them off and went on to the grocery store to get a few things for Mom & Dad & me. (I live across the street from them).

Well, I locked my keys in the trunk!!! I usually never put things in the trunk, but back seat, but I was going to drop theirs off – right – easy……NOT. While waiting for Dad to bring the extra keys, yes I had called, was waiting near front door of the grocery store —– FELL. BROKE RIGHT WRIST & I’m right handed. THREE (3) days before my BD!

In Mist of all this somewhere – I cannot find date – my cousin died….and I’ve got a very sick Aunt on Mothers side – another sister in NC.

March – Daddy began HIS research study treatment for his Cancer Melanoma, with the fact that back in September Daddy had had surgery on his left arm lymph nodes where they removed 20 (twenty) but only one they found the cancer. Now his cancer is in the clavical ? & possibly adriannel ? glands. His treatment IS NOT CHEMO – but a new treatment that is to build UP the system instead of tearing it down…and with his age he could not have done the Chemo (I nor the Doctor thinks). He has had three [3] treatments & they said all appears to be going good. It is given with IV … 90 MINUTES (or so)… Then OFF 3 weeks then IV again…

Mom is doing OK – just totally worried about Daddy & her Sister(s).

Get through April with nothing Major – I think – But let May come!!!

May 1st — about 12:30pm — had done watering in front yard – made sure the plants were ok … so needed coffee pot -maker–so ok run quick…..did not change to ‘good’ clothes grabbed the keys & purse – next thing I know after walking out door to the car…

I WAS ON THE HARD CEMENT SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! Back board – Neck collar – ER – & 7 days in the Hospital! Shattered my LEFT shoulder out of the socket & broke it. So I have three screws and a rod! …. talk about pain………….

The two weeks before I had been seeing a Cardio Doctor & he found some problems after running various tests ((for which the Neuro Doctor had suggested seeing the Cardio because when he did the MRI of the brain …. saw nothing of major change – just (old age…)) I had just seen him on Monday – and this happened on Tuesday! He was wonderful!

So while in the hospital I was ‘implanted with a TRACE MONITOR -not pacemaker and I have to carry a device with me in a case. So TWO surgeries – one for the heart (just under the skin) & the other my shoulder.

Hope you understand why I’ve not been commenting or writing.

Maybe if I can get through this I’ll have more to tell.

I’ll fix the typos etc later……………..


5 thoughts on “Trouble Bound

  1. I once had a horrible year, and I remember after the umpteenth problem, i said to my neighbor, ‘I don’t think I can take much more.’ I was depleted emotionally and spiritually. A few days later my sister called to say that her son had broken his back… all of my previous burdens evaporated, and I focused on my nephew, my sister and her family. We find out that we have a lot more reserves than we realize.
    I hope that you find your way to better health. I too have had a broken shoulder, and I was amazed at how crippling it is. But at least it was something that would mend – and did. I think of my nephew in the wheelchair, and my problems vaporize.
    Hang in there; there’s light at the end of that tunnel.

    1. It is amazing as to how we rise to the needs of others when we might not feel the best we have to offer. Sorry for your family and the heart-ache. You sound of strength, coupled with the love of family so you all will get through this. I’ve lost both of my brothers and how my parents (who are still living ~ & I’m so grateful for that) ever got through those times is beyond me, but love of family, support of friends and faithe in GOD is what got them (& me) through all of that. So peace be with you and support the strength from the shoulders lent when offered just when needed. [ if you don’t understand that – you will when it comes along ]….Deb

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