Giving Thanks on Black Friday

While out with Mom & Dad yesterday – BLACK Friday – while so many were in the mist of thier shopping …. Mom – Dad & I cannot get in the hurry crowds as Daddy cannot walk that well and Mother is slow (age) – so we went shopping (I needed a new watch and went to Stein Mart for one – but nothing found I like…) so we ended up at an Antiuqe shop that I was grateful was open. The Antique Market –  A GREAT  place for various antiques.   It ended up being better than trying to ‘grab’ as so many do during these times….Spending time with them (even though Dad fins a chair and does some sitting) …it was a great day  And one I am grateful I had with them.  So below (which I cropped)

This was on a platter and It is so fitting for the times that probably so many do not think about or don’t know about or just totally forget….something that should be second natue alll year long.  


I’m do thankful and grateful that I still have my Mom & Dad when I know so many do not…but as blessings should be everyday, we (including me) do not always convey those feelings of love and being grateful.  So this is just my little way to let them know (even though they probably will never see this) …just how much I appreciate and love them.




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