Work of art singing bird pistols – Very Rare


Work of art singing bird pistols – Very Rare

This is a short video on a pair of 200+ year-old mechanical singing bird pistols; whether or not you are an antique gun aficionado, you’ll be glad you took a moment to watch. They are like great paintings. .. .. only on a much grander scale.
A little pair of trinkets from times gone bye.

“What you permit,

I did not write but passing it along so that YOU are informed.
“What you permit, you promote.”
The per person Medicare insurance premium will increase from the present monthly fee of $96.40 , rising to: $104.20 in 2012 ; $120.20 in 2013 ; And $247.00 in 2014. These are provisions incorporated in the Obamacare legislation, purposely delayed so as not to ‘confuse’ the 2012 re-election campaigns. Send this to all seniors that you know, so they will know who’s throwing them under the bus.
And the last time there was an increase in Social Security,
WAS WHEN ?????????