New World Record

‘The Dutchess’ Shows Off Record Breaking Nails


Grosssssssss to me!



‘America’s Got Talent’ : And the Winner Is …

Singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

claims the million dollar prize



America’s Got Talent had a great season.

Judges were right on in my opinion.

The American people got this one right.

*** Thanks to the Judges ***

Piers MorganSharon OsbourneHowie Mandel


NBC ^*^ America’s Got Talent ^*^ HOST ^*^ Nick Cannon

What I would love to see ? … I give that information to LANDAU

… Cogratulations! to them all…



There Are 53 U.S. States?!

According to this college student, there is only one senator and the U.S. borders Europe.

Where are the parents in all this.  They are paying for WHAT??????

And we want them to determine who runs as President & our country!