This is A Way to Remember September 11th – 10 Years



September 11, 2011 – When America and the American way was Attacked!

The Twin Towers, The Field, The Pentagon

With the Memorial years in the making – lets show our way of celebrating their lives for us. 

What would be nice to do for the upcoming (just around the corner) for the Ten (10) Years that changed all of our lives in some way or another …. It is something that I will never forget … and I know that there are so many more that will not forget either.  AND that does not include any of the family members and their friends of those lost. 

That was a Day of BLACK! September 11, 2001

I would like to start something … to show that all of those within the Social Media and beyond come together to let the families know we will NEVER Forget.

Everyone has a T- shirt or Shirt — THAT is WHITE!

Let’s turn the Day of BLACK into the DAY OF WHITE….

EVERYONE wear WHITE SHIRTS on September 11, 2011 …. the TEN Years We Have Not Forgotten & Will Never Forget!

Wear them the days of
September 9th … 10th & 11th …

Friday is a WORK DAY – so maybe the OFFICE you work will
do something!

Saturday is usually a FUN DAY – Family & Friends Plans!

Sunday is the Day it turned BLACK and WE WILL turn it WHITE!

Friday – Saturday – Sunday the days to start healing

Can we start this going around and see where it ends.

I will never see the actual memorial but it would be wonderful to see thos white shirts

showing the WORLD we did NOT Forget … Remember there were not just Americans

who were lost that day … It was a day that the AMERICAN peopel came together

and we can do this again in a positive way!

Wear White to show the LOVE we have & the LOVE we all lost that Day! 

**has been posted here** The nell walton Daily ▸

5 thoughts on “This is A Way to Remember September 11th – 10 Years

  1. I will be wearing white on that day to remember the fateful day of those who lost their lives uk and americans and different races my thoughts that day will be with the relatives and friends of those who died and of those brave firemen and police who tried to save the people in the towers. To show the lowlife who did this they will not win what happened that day will never be forgotten ever. How any human being can do that is beyond me. Thoughts will be with the new yorkers who had to see it as well and big thanx to the troops fighting to keep our way of life safe and the ones who died everyone a hero. GODBLESS AMERICA

  2. I will be wearing white. May God Bless the families of the victims and our troops who have fought for us since that horrible black day=) I hope everyone will perticipate.

  3. that sounds good Deb. I am fallowing Yoko Ono and and Donald Walsh in a 40 days of peace starting Sept. 11. they also talk about wearing a white t-shirt. that have a white dove, white represent peace. We are all one race not reason for fighting not room for hate in our hearts.

    1. Thank you Katy – I hope that this rememberance of the September 11, 2001
      TEN years later will be something that each person involved can take part. It was indeed a world wide event that affected thousands.

      If this is what you are following:::
      Help us reach our goal of signing up 250,000 members pledging peace for 40 days. Together we can show PEACE is the way for us to build a better community. Pledge to the 40 Days of Peace and we will send you daily ideas on how you can help spread peace starting 1-17-11.

      Mine is simple – acknowledge to the family & friends of those lost –

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