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Just Another WordPress Weblog Theme!

Wish you (they-WP) had something with a little bit more spice … like putting the elegance of Chateau’s Font with the layout of Manifest
the Widgets layout form of Koi or TwentyTen or MistyLook … with the same place HOLDERS for what we use without having
to change them every time! .. Yes – We all need a litle change every now and again! … With the option to change the background
image. .. and ability to adjust the FONT & size within each post to reference the post relevance – or not!

AND WHY are all those d#@# tags & catagories etc needed where they should not be? before or after the POST – ??? Why can the not be in ONE location! or not at all.  When we read a newspaper or article in a magazine are they showing there too!???? then WHY are they here!???

Just my thoughts!

Thanks for listening – as I know NoOne at WP cares or would ever read this! hahaha!

Have a Great Day!



2 thoughts on “Another THEME – – –

  1. Well Hello friend! That was quick!
    I did not expect that – and yes you probably ARE right!
    Are you doing OK?
    I’ve got sooooo many posts to catch up on … with either
    a comment or ‘like’ … I’ve just been OFF in left fiend & not doing
    too much.
    But I’ve not smoked in just over 4 months! YEA!

    Take care & Thank YOU so very much.

    ps… I keep getting spammed on FB & Twitter … so I’m back & forth there!

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