Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony

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We Might find Hope!!!!

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Double Jeopardy does not apply if they file federal charges against her for violating the civil rights of her child. She can receive a life sentence if convicted. Anyone who waits a month to report their child missing has violated their civil rights!! Everyone needs to contact the feds, state atty and atty general in FL and get them to prosecute the crap out of her that way!!!!. Contact Lawson Lamar, State Atty Florida.NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT
Lawson Lamar, State Attorney
415 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 836-2400

This is not a picture of any greiving Mother who has won her case or not….
Cindy Anthony (Mother)  & George Anthony (Father) 
along with Lee Anthony (Brother)
showed more greiving than Caylee’s own Mother – Casey!