George W Bush Almost Hit in the Head by Foul Ball

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President George W. Bush almost hit

in the head – fast action!


Obama‘s Insulting U.K. Codename’Chalaque’ is Scotland Yard‘s codename for the president on his U.K. visit, but what does it mean when translated?


Before President Obama’s arrival in London, The Daily Mail ran a story under the headline “Codename ‘smart alec’: British police label Obama with ‘mildly offensive’ Punjabi word for visit to U.K.” Scotland Yard says its computers randomly picked a codename for Obama, “chalaque,” for his visit to the country. But the newspaper quoted a Sikh community leader saying the name is often used to “denigrate” someone. Yahoo News then picked up the story, featuring it on its homepage under the headline: “Obama Code Named ‘smart alec’ in Britain.”

From the Kitchen of…..

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Via Twitter ….. Paula Deen ….. wrote…..

Paula Deen

“If your cake recipe calls for nuts, heat them first in the oven, then dust with flour before adding to the batter.”

Sounds like great advise to me!