Lawyer: Van der Sloot to plead temporary insanity

Mugshot of Joran van der Sloot
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LIMA, Peru — Joran van der Sloot plans to plead guilty to killing a young Peruvian woman he met gambling but will argue temporary insanity in a bid to significantly shorten his sentence, his defense lawyer said Monday…read more here…

3 thoughts on “Lawyer: Van der Sloot to plead temporary insanity

  1. Joran VanderSloot wins again and proves Nancy Grace wrong yet again. The only people that believe that Joran admitted to guilt in the murder case are likely to be the same people that have said Joran lies and cannot be trusted with anything he says. So, even if the plea goes forward, he’s still only going to do a sentence almost equivalent to “time-served” because the penalty aspects are different overseas. Maybe Joran should sue the family-survivors of the dead girl for her provoking the situation and attacking Joran in that hotel room where Joran had to physically defend himself from her attack.

    1. He’ll likely be released later this year, at least according to what some Experts have stated.

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