Almost 8 years ago

Not a stray anymore


My name is Charlie….

I was a stray – but almost eight years later this is still MY Home!


…Yes he did come as a stray and I love him dearly…

He showed up around the neighborhood after my ‘Sneakers’ died .. and shortly after finding three baby squirrels that had fallen out of their nest – raised them and got them on their merry way…

Charlie finds me … and I found that it was time once again to have a close friend near.  And what better timing as ‘friends’ disappear when you are sick and cannot work – due to among things having cancer….so Charlie is (ONE OF) my saving grace(s).

I’ll tell you more one day when I can find the pictures to fill in all the story.

The Animals in our life can uplift us when we are down.
Thank YOU Charlie.

2 thoughts on “Almost 8 years ago

  1. I so understand… EmmaLou was a saving grace for me while I healed from the Accident of 2009 – there were days I didn’t think I would make it through and she never left my side.

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