Prayers Needed Please-Thanks!

Good Morning Everyone!
(as it is 8:00am +/- here!)

As the ‘Tropical Storm Fay’ will be approaching – I’ll get this
out before the threat of losing power.

During this storm period …

Tomorrow – Wednesday – August 20th-is when Mom & I will go with Daddy to the hospital for Pre-Op.

We are to be there at 10am and when they called yesterday – Daddy said they told him we would be there for about 2 hours – taking all the necessary test – and would also be showing a video of what will be happening.

Then—on Thursday-August 21st-is when the Open Heart Surgery will take place with our arrival at the hospital to be at 5:30am — with the surgery scheduled for 7:30am.  The brochure stated that the surgery would take 4-6 hours – but I do not know how many procedures that was talking about.  With Daddy having the replacement and three by-passes – I would think that the time would perhaps be longer.  (When the hospital ‘nurse person’ who called about the Pre-Op stuff told Daddy it would be 2-3 hours…I don’t think that nurse knows!) 

While it will be a very long and trying time for us … we are strong and will get through this.  Just please keep us in your prayers — especially Daddy.

We could lose whatever with the storm – but Daddy will be safe in the hospital and that is what is most important.

So get those prayers ready and continue to keep Daddy in your prayers and thoughts.  We always need prayers – sharing love.

I will let you know just as soon as I can.

Love to you all!


One thought on “Prayers Needed Please-Thanks!

  1. I hope all is well with you and your family. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again soon. I pray that God will be with you during these trying days.

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