4 thoughts on “Telephone Sheep!

  1. Well, that’s more like it… new link worked. plus now I think I figured out how to click on your links for RSS feeds/ updates on comments and blog.

    Really like the picture of old books in the heading of your blog. So nice! Interesting and mysterious… just can’t wait to pull down and open up one of those books. 🙂 smile! Yours, CT

  2. Glad to be of help… these “sheep” are some of the most fantastic sculptures I’ve seen in YEARS. The world truly IS “made by artists!”

  3. “Featured in the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt in 2006 Jean Luc Cornec’s Telephone Sheep were a sensation that swept web…”

    More info at greenupgrader.com/2492/telephone-sheep-exhibit-by-artist-jean-luc-cornec

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